We are a Manufacturer and Exporter of pure Afghani & Pakistani sheep casing with up to 100% accuracy in calibration. We are producing quality casing since 1960 and exporting it to Europe. Currently, we are also planning to sell our product to USA.

The sheep casing that we offer are strong in strength and excellent in color, the product that we export are sheep casing, tube casing, sheep caps, and also some varients of beef including beef casing ,beef rounds and beef middle. Aquab Casing is currently dealing in B2B but we are open to working with Butchers if someone interested in buying from us.

We maintained 100% hygienic as well as have 5 stages of cleaning the sheep casing that we had already discussed in our blog post regarding cleaning sheep casing. We are well aware of the problem that clients face with Pakistani and Afganistani material and also aware of laws that Europe follows regarding cleaning and hygienic of sheep casing.

Services and History

Ghulam Abbas (C.E.O)

Mr. Ghulam Abbas is the founder of Aquab Casing and currently, this company is led by his vision of honesty and customer service. His belief is your customer is a king . He made multiple tours to Europe and was well aware of his customer mindset and the quality of casing that Europe require to filling of sausages.

He had the experience of 50+ years of experience in the sheep casing industry and knows the skill to manufacture and maintain the hygienics of sheep casing. The company is leading with his supervision and flow his Strick rules in production.

Engr Muhammad Sheraz

Export Manager

Mr. Waqas Bhatti

Production Manager


Highly Talented professional with a young mindset, with a tech-related degree, that is giving a new direction to the company through his engineering degree making most of the workflow digitized and enhancing calibration equipment with tech-related gadgets to maintain accuracy in the calibration of sheep casing.

Therefore the product we manufacture is 95 to 100% accurate in terms of calibration. He does have great skill in communication and also believes in the best customer support for most of the dealing i.e buying and selling of sheep casing deal under his supervision.

An Educated professional that leads the production team and fulfills orders on time. He is proficient in terms of calibration sheep casing. Waqas also deal in purchasing sheep casing from Afghanistan, then maintaining the record of each consignment. He is Strick in his rules therefore he maintained discipline in the production hall.

All the sale goes through his eyes and also lead the hygenic and selection team to make sure that every order of the client is 100% accurate in calibration and hygenic. He also managing and receiving raw material directly from the slaughter house.